Highland Beach, Maryland
Highland Beach
Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Operations Plan Summary

The Highland Beach Emergency Operations Plan provides a framework for use in performing emergency functions during a major emergency or disaster in the town.  Emergencies include weather related emergencies such as flooding, windstorms and winter storms as well as technical or man-made emergencies such as power failures and aircraft crashes.

The Town Hall is available to provide temporary protection from the effects of a disaster or impending disaster, is suitable for a temporary (2 day) shelter and is equipped with power generator, AED, first aid supplies, and water.

The Mayor and Commissioners have the responsibility for assuring that the Town Hall is physically opened.  The Town Hall will be opened on demand during power outages by contacting the Mayor or any Commissioner.  The Town Hall will be opened when there is the need for shelter during an emergency.  If an evacuation is ordered by the State or County the Town Hall will not be available for shelter.  Items to be bought to the shelter include – medicines, comfort items (pillow, blanket), toiletries and baby supplies, clothing and food requirements.  No pets* or weapons will be allowed.

Anne Arundel County has primary responsibility for the initial warning of evacuation.  Notice of a recommended or ordered evacuation is accomplished by Anne Arundel County Police and Fire Department personnel using vehicle sirens and loud speakers. The Emergency Alert System and NOAA Weather Radio Alerts are also used to notify citizens or areas to be evacuated, the location of shelters and the best routes to reach shelter locations.

Evacuation route is west on Douglass Avenue or west on Bay Avenue, left on Walnut Avenue, right on Bay Highlands Drive to Arundel on the Bay Road.

The Town is serviced by the Anne Arundel County Fire Department http://www.aacounty.org/fire.  Law enforcement is handled by the Anne Arundel County Police Department http://www.aacounty.org/Police. The nearest hospital is the Anne Arundel Medical Center http://www.aahs.org.

Highland Beach contact number: 443-837-5184

Useful telephone numbers:

•    Emergency situations for Fire, Police, Emergency Medical Services  911
•    County Police non-emergency  410-222-8050
•    County Fire Department  non-emergency – 410-222-8200
•    County Emergency Management Bureau – 410-222-8040
•    American Red Cross – 410-764-7000
•    BGE – 1-800-685-0123

* For information on safeguarding pets during emergencies you may contact Anne Arundel Animal Control 410-222-8900.  Websites with information on animals in emergencies include the Humane Society at www.hsus.org and the Federal Emergency Management Agency at www.fema.gov/library/anemer.


Nuisance Flooding Plan


Please also note that in September 2020, the Anne Arundel Nuisance Flooding Plan was adopted.  As stated in the Plan,"This Plan is adopted as the Anne Arundel County Nuisance Flooding Plan. It addresses the framework for nuisance flooding which dictates increased preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts due to shoreline communities facing increasing disturbances from episodic nuisance flooding events." The plan is included at the link below.


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